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Daemon is an American actor.  He was born in Carson, California and grew up in Wilmington, California.

Upon graduation from High School, he entered the Army and spent 23 years in the Army with assignments in Germany, Washington, Kansas, and Texas with deployments to Bosnia-Herzegovina with the 1st Armored Division (1996), Jordan with 69th Air Defense (2012), Afghanistan with 172d Infantry Brigade (2010), and two deployments to Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division (2004, 2006).

Several years after retiring from the Army, Daemon heard of extras being needed at Fort Hood for a miniseries in April 2017. Anxious to get back in uniform or be around a military environment, he jumped at the call for a part as a background actor in National Geographic's The Long Road Home (2017), and was cast, alas, as an insurgent. To balance out, he also donned the Army uniform as a body double to several of the Soldiers during filming.

Thanks to phenomenal support by the crew, from casting to wardrobe to PA's, one in particular who seemed to go above and beyond to ensure that all of the backgrounds were well taken care of, Daemon's initial exposure to the entertainment industry was an exciting learning experience. It inspired him to seek further projects , as well as sparked an interest in searching for other roles, especially those that would require him to get back in military or similar uniforms.

In his spare time, he supports the choir director, his wife, at church by playing the baritone and arranging music parts for a wonderfully talented flute player.

Daemon lives in Texas with his wife and several children.

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